On May 6, 2024, at 6:10 PM, the Detroit Tigers are set to play against the Cleveland Guardians at Progressive Field under overcast skies. Detroit Tigers’ pitcher Jack Flaherty, with an ERA of 4.000, will go head-to-head against Triston McKenzie of the Guardians, who has an ERA of 4.345. Currently, the Tigers are fifth in the 2024 AL Central Division with a record of 16-12, a .570 winning percentage, and a divisional record of 9-4. They are ranked third in division, have won 6 out of their last 10 games, and are on a two-game winning streak. The team shows a home record of 6-8 and a stronger away performance at 10-4. They have achieved 10 wins in day games versus 6 in night games, with an overall score of 111 runs and conceding 108. On the other side, the Cleveland Guardians lead the division, boasting a record of 19-9 (.680 winning percentage) and ranking first in the division with a 4-1 record. They have clinched 7 victories in their last 10 games despite a recent loss. The Guardians have a home record of 8-4 and an impressive away tally of 11-5. They have scored 143 runs and allowed 97, performing equally well in day (9 wins) and night games (10 wins).